About Your Instructor Sita Menor

Retired from the United States Army and Federal Civil Service as a senior logistician after 40 years of service to my country. I am both a viewer and an instructor.

I have been teaching remote viewing with the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild for over 23 years and have seen students reach their pinnacle of excellence in the remote viewing community. My students have come from several countries in Europe, Australia, all over the United States, and the Pacific Islands.

Graduates complete the course with a keen understanding of nonlocal consciousness applications and enhanced communication skills between their primary awareness and subconscious.

Remote viewing is a skill that anyone can learn. It does not require psychic talent.

HRVG Remote Viewing Training

Become a Remote Viewer with Sita Menor

HRVG Methodology

There are many other methodologies of remote viewing. Our form of remote viewing was developed by and for the United States Army Special Forces intelligence arena. Each protocol is specifically designed to attain optimum results in communicating with our subconscious. The perceived data is obtained by utilizing a specific set of protocols and recording that information.

The most beneficial aspect of our methodology is the enhanced ability to understand our thoughts and the method in which our subconscious provides us with the information.

The premise behind our methodology is simply if any one thing can be obtained through remote viewing,
then any and all things can be obtained via remote viewing.

The mentoring will include:

  • On-line training – exclusive website
  • Email support
  • Classes via Zoom interface
  • Suggested Reading
  • Individually cued target (not random generated by machines)
  • Feedback support
  • Private messaging and tutoring as needed
  • Certificate of completion
  • Special project participation
  • Advanced training

Start Date: Mid-January {JAN 16th – 20th}
Cost: $1680 Classes start every three months

Student needs:

  • Students will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement to enroll
  • Classes are held via the Zoom meeting platform
  • One on one additional training are offered on request
  • A preparatory list of visual information will be provided to each student
  • Students will need the ability to scan their work into a .pdf file and send to the instructor
  • Homework is provided at each class with feedback a week later.
  • Students can submit questions through email or on the Looking Glass website
  • On completion of the program, students will continue to have resources available and may participate in group projects for various clients