Daz Smith is offering a mentoring class in FLOW – this is his own interpretation of the military CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) method. The mentoring will be limited to a class of ten students. See here for an overview of FLOW - . It’s a remote viewing method born of Ingo Swann’s CRV, but one that promotes a symbiotic relationship with its practitioners that allows a flowing development of practitioner and method together

FLOW Remote Viewing Training

Become a Remote Viewer with Daz Smith

The mentoring period will last approximately six months and will cover:

  1. RV background/history
  2. FLOW stages 1,2,3,4,5,6 and beyond
  3. Summary writing, tools (timelines, templates, dowsing, others).
  4. Setting Targets and running projects/project management.

The mentoring will include:

  • Seven main (group) Zoom presentations/discussions.
  • Approx twelve ‘progress’ group meetings. (two per month)
  • Up to 100 select training targets (depending on need)
  • Notes, tips, advice and comments on ALL student mentoring practice sessions
  • Any number of personal one-on-one zoom chats, questions and discussions (as needed by each individual student)
  • Signed copies of Daz’s CRV book and Dialogues books for each student.
  • On completion of ‘Flow’ certificates will be supplied to each student.
  • Access to a member only chat forum.The first course to start (TBD with the cryptoviewing team).

Start Date: Mid-January {JAN 16th – 20th}
Cost: $3,660 (USD)

Student needs:

  • Curiosity and dedication to work.
  • Time to practice 1-3 rv sessions per week or more.
  • Stable Internet connection
  • Availability for the group meetings and zoom installation.
  • Paper and pen or a writing tablet
  • Ability to scan the remote viewing and/or to send as .pdf files.