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Song lyrics: “Clif High”
Music & lyrics Richard Allgire/2018

Woo-Woo,  Woo-Woo, Clif high
Woo woo man
Possesses intellect unbound
He traveled ‘cross the land as he dreamed of the sea
Socio-Linguistics pushing all the boundaries, of reality
His father was an officer who rose so high,
The office of the POTUS, where he looked him in the eye
Tell me what did you see?
Wandering down, among the Yavapai?

Woo-Woo, Woo-Woo, Clif High
Web Bot Man
Gatherer of the future
Unleashing all his web bots out in cyberspace
Gobbling up the conscious as it forms and falls in place
Reading the emotions, linguistics,
gathering the data from the field a forming
finding all the markers from a temporal swarming

Woo-Woo, Woo-Woo, Clif High
Crypto Man
Spreader of the Bitcoin gospel
He told us of the blockchain, crypto currency
Digital wealth,  the coming of a new prosperity
Three amigos spread the word on YouTube far and wide
Holding on for dear life it’s a wild, wild ride
Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!
Woo-Woo, Woo-Woo, Clif High
Woo-Woo, Woo-Woo, Clif High
Woo-Woo, Woo-Woo, Clif High

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