Daz Smith

Rock states “Dick is one of the most talented and giving individuals one can come across in this or any other time space. Dick is an absolute master at remote viewing; he has a special manner in which he is able to convey the subtleties of working non-local signals and developing discretion between them.” This is very important, for the student is essentially on a solo mission every target, and must learn how to unpack these very subtle non-local signals properly with seamlessness and ease.

Rock believes that Remote Viewing, while challenging, is well within the grasp of all of us. One simply has to believe it is possible, learn the fundamentals, and then practice, practice, practice.

“When one takes the time to review the available body of work in this field you come away staggered by our untapped potential and lack of use thereof. We are way beyond proving the efficacy of Remote Viewing. Our task at hand now is to bring these tools to the forefront in public display and generate interest to a segment of the population. The very segment that is searching for any means, method, tool or technology to shed light on truth, enable better decision making and to help unlock timeless mysteries.

Rock Arkie

Remote Viewer


Rock Arkie is an accomplished technology executive, entrepreneur, and remote viewer.

Rock spent the majority of his professional career as a technologist specializing in developing all operational aspects of early stage companies, helping them to expand, grow, compete and thrive in a global market. Rock served as senior executive at several technology companies contributing to their rapid growth ultimate acquisitions including FORE Systems, iDirect Technologies and Vivisimo. Most recently, Rock led an aggressive and highly success project at IBM Watson implementing artificial intelligence to enhance customer support.

The guiding principles of Rock’s life have led him to seek greater understanding of wellbeing and the promotion of selfless nature required to assist others. With these principles as beacons, Rock and his life partner, Marcia, launched OSIRIS Wellness and Day Spa outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Rock also proudly served in the United States Navy as an Aviation Systems Warfare Operator and Search and Rescue crewman for the HS-11 Dragonslayers onboard the USS John F. Kennedy.

A devoted student of both martial arts and meditation techniques, Rock has been afforded numerous opportunities to personally experience these practices in their traditional places of origin during extensive business travel to the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

Since a very early age Rock has had profound out of body experiences – both spontaneous and self-initiated. These experiences, along with his quest for personal balance, ignited Rock’s journey to understand the mechanism behind them. This carried him to the Monroe Institute, where he immersed himself for several weeklong sessions and met Joseph McMoneagle and Skip Atwater – both early pioneers of Remote Viewing employed by the U.S. military. At one Monroe session Joe stated “With Remote Viewing, you have to disconnect from your current belief structure in order for this to work”. In Rock’s words “That really stuck, over time the profound depth of his words become apparent.” Over the last twenty years Rock has spent thousands of hours consuming voluminous amounts of information focused on human consciousness, ancient history, and remote viewing.

More recently, Rock cultivated a friendship with Courtney Brown, founder of the Farsight Institute, where he participates monthly in the Time Cross project. Courtney introduced Rock to Dick Allgire and shortly thereafter Rock began his intense Remote Viewing training under Dick’s tutelage.