Dick Allgire

Remote Viewer


Dick Allgire is one of the foremost remote viewers in the world today.

Allgire spent a long and distinguished career as an award-winning television news journalist from 1974 -2012. He was an anchorman, reporter, and producer at KITV, the ABC news affiliate in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In 1997, Allgire became fascinated with remote viewing, a military intelligence tool that was released into the public domain in the late 1990’s. Allgire met and studied with top experts in the field, and trained extensively for nearly two decades with a retired member of a US Army Special Forces Intelligence Team.

Remote viewing is an adaptation of a natural, human communication skill that allows individuals to open a communication pathway with their own subconscious, which has access to incredible and virtually unlimited information within a greater consciousness field.

Allgire’s remote viewing work has been well documented in published sessions, public and private projects, scientific peer-review studies as well as on-line presentations. He has been a member and has served on the the board of directors of several of the leading non-profit remote viewing organizations internationally. Dick Allgire is the most published remote viewer in the world.