“How can you succeed by helping others succeed? We succeed at our very best only when we help others succeed.”
James C. Collins

We all thought you might like this one, Dick is awesome and has the greatest sense of humor. Here at HQ, we do love everything the remote viewers do but they have day jobs too! Just like the rest of us, we have to trade time for dollas. We are looking to change that for all our subscribers with the talents displayed by all the incredible remote viewers here @CryptoViewing. As Hedee mentioned, it’s NOT cheap to run a business, or for these talented people to take sometimes several days to become mentally receptive to the universe and listen to what it is telling them. This is mentally and physically exhausting work leaving the viewers drained for hours if not days at a time. Make no mistake, this is not easy to do and get right.

This is why we are asking for anything you might be able to afford, a few dollars can really help kick us off into the stratosphere! We will be adding new target results as soon as we get them in to HQ, no monthly releases, there will be new information every few days. So please remember that by helping us, we plan to help all of you in return.

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We are a group of multi disciplinary journeymen bringing Remote Viewing to the forefront of economic forecasting for currency and cryprocurrency markets. By supporting us, we will reveal special calls and sessions now readily available on the website. For far too long, remote viewers have been underutilized and underappreciated. We are changing this for good.

Throughout history, soothsayers and oracles were regarded in some of the highest circles, the most famous being Nostradamus. They predicted things which had no other legitimate explanation. The Universe has a resonance and these gifted beings have proven ability to tap into this higher consciousness and extract answers which they could not otherwise produce.

Join us, we are beginning a Woo Hoo journey for all to join. The world as we know it is rapidly being recreated, be wise and be ready with sage advice from the universal voice. We thank you for your support of this journey. Your generous contributions allow us all to work on very important topics which will most certainly change the world.

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