Cryptoviewing $1,000 PSI Challenge


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Brief description of how you determined the numbers and perceived the contents of the box, “e,g.” CRV, intuition, telepathy, guess, meditation, etc.)

Lock Combination

Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.

Tell us the combination to the lock, and describe what’s in the box, Cryptoviewing give you $1,000 worth of crypto!

Rules Of Contest (Short Version)

One entry per person.

The winner must determine the 3 numbers required to open the combination lock, and must sketch and/or describe what’s in the box.

The contest is open to any and all remote viewers, psychics, anyone with telepathic abilities, out-of-body experiencers, practitioners of meditation, or wild-ass-guessers. Contestants may use any ability or method they choose.

The winning sketch/description of what is in the box will be determined by two impartial judges affiliated with Cryptoviewing. The winner will be determined by the sole discretion of the judges. The best “runner-up” sketches, as determined by the judges, will be published.

Prior to the contest, the combination of the lock, and a photo/description of the contents will be placed in an encrypted file, which will be kept secured and on record, and decrypted at the conclusion of the contest. (This is to ensure that no changes were made during the contest).

  • In case of a tie, the earliest submission wins.
  • There is no charge to enter the contest. It is open to everyone.
  • The winner must consent to appear on a video segment/interview at the conclusion of the contest, and for the awarding of the prize.

By participating in the contest, you agree that Cryptoviewing (and anyone affiliated with Cryptoviewing and the contest) is not liable for any psychological, mental, or physical problems encountered or claimed as a result of the contest.

The time limit (duration of the contest) will be determined at the discretion of Cryptoviewing and the number of entries received. Full contest details are located in the Contest Rules scroll box on this page.