You can take part in this groundbreaking research.

This is a special, limited invitation for any remote viewers, natural psychics, intuitives, and even those of you who are ‘psi curious,’ to take part in this fascinating application of remote viewing and psi ability.

Use your own method to describe the location or events linked to these target ID’s.

Here’s how it works. The alpha/numeric combinations below are remote viewing targets, that have been cued by trained, professional remote viewing taskers. Use those target ID’s to focus your unique ability on the location or event signified by the target ID.

This isn’t exactly an audition, it is an opportunity for you have some fun and demonstrate or even discover your ability. We’re looking for talented new team members.

Send scanned sessions, descriptions, sketches, or summaries to: opencall @ Be sure to include the target ID on each page of your work.



Feedback will be provided soon. When the ID turns blue, you can click on it to see the target.